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Sat Aug 27 · 3 pm
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Though SOSUPERSAM, real name Samantha Duenas, hails from Los Angeles, her career as a DJ and singer has taken her quite literally — and consistently — around the world. One week, she could be mixing dance tracks at a club in Amsterdam; the next, she's hosting her monthly 143 party, dedicated to old school R&B, in Los Angeles. Another week later, she's likely singing original songs from her debut EP "Garden," which was released last year, to fans in Honolulu. In fact, for the rest of 2017, Duenas is scheduled to go on tour in Asia, where she'll DJ in cities like Bangkok, Dehli, Mumbai and Jakarta, as well as switch gears to perform "Garden" in Manila.

"The day after I put out my EP, I went to go perform it during a DJ set and it felt so strange to step out in front of the turntables," says Duenas as she recalls her debut "Garden" performance in San Francisco. "I felt like no one has seen my legs before. I have a whole bottom torso and life and stuff. I think that's also been an interesting part of the process. The mild shock that most people have because they know me as a DJ. It's always a nice discovery or surprise."

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