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SexOnSubstance, the collective: a unique holy trinity comprising Omid ‘16B’ Nourizadeh, Demi Hajigeorgiou and Desyn Masiello. High priests of the invisible, poets of the physical and damned good guys, who have been putting the extra extra in extraordinary since they all connected in 2004.
Friends drawing inspiration from their rich musical heritage, and direction from their beloved Deeper Substance and Sexonwax music labels, SOS was born of a desire to create synergy. The multifaceted ‘rule of threes’ helps give balance to scores of compositions and also appears to apply in favour of SOS.

Individually, Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid16B have already excelled in the realms of electronic/house music, however, sometimes three heads beat one, six hands are better then two. With a common goal to move people, the innovative triad exist in an exciting digital era when live remixing, personal edits and inimitable shows all allow for differentiation – and this is where the dazzling SOS trailblazers shine with their icy-hot approach to DJing in the 21st century!
Quick to nurture this intoxicating synthesis, SOS was christened and an enthusiastic crowd who assembled at Neighbourhood nightclub in London were amongst the first to experience an SOS experience during the Easter weekend of 2004.

From their infamous boat parties in London & Ibiza, sellout WMC marathon sessions in Miami and an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 (2006) to add to their acclaimed triple disc opus mix for Balance on EQ Recordings in 2008 - Blood, sweat and cheers brought them here, and they united once more in 2010 to form ‘the one that keeps you moving’. Saving souls, one beat at a time.
The thermometer of cool that is SOS has been resident at Ministry of Sound in London since 2007, heating up the main room at a rate of four parties per annum on their home turf. With SOS, sparks fly and good vibes abound, as they work their wonky voodoo, full of love and energy. Locked tight to a positive feedback loop, their self-religion is inspiring to all, as anybody who experiences their live shows will testify. Indeed, the gods have blessed SOS. So what better a way to baptise Ministry of Sound Club Presents’ first born?
Ministering a montage of no less than 28 tracks across CD1, efx ‘n’ loops interlocking ‘n’ a cappellas a-popping, these orgiastic ecclesiastics grab you from the get-go, with a distinctly human touch. With an abundance of synth-funk, progressions blossom in glorious techno-colour, weaving ever closer to the live re-edit. Their wide-screen, cinematic sound traverses space and time. Even going ‘Deep Inside’ a certain Hardrive from the 90s. It’s a range of a mountain of sound, revolving and evolving through the night. Displaying a visionary chemistry, nirvana for the dancefloor.
While CD1 paints a vivid picture of what the guys get up to during their Saturday Sessions at the club, CD2 is different. Further illustrating what is a formidable dynamic range, they follow up with another 13 tracks. These grooves are more geared towards home use, ghost dancers, after-parties. Two tracks originate from Omid & Demi, a taste of SOS as a production outfit, honed at their new studio in Parsons Green, South West London, while, naturally, much flows from SexOnWax and Omid solo.

Who knows what the future holds for the trio after this album is launched at Ministry, but you can always bet your last beat on one ethereal trip!
The eyes of the world are now focused on SOS and their best is yet to come…

Bookings: WORLDWIDE except US/Canada : (JOE)
PRESS: Michele

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