Some Jerk


Growing up barely north of Miami, listening to house, freestyle, electro, reggae, punk, hiphop, jungle and drum and bass, it makes sense that John "somejerk" Gregory would find himself smack in the middle of Miami's bass music renaissance and becoming one of the most in demand DJ's in the state of Florida.

A graduate of performing arts schools..., the son of a drummer and painter, music has always been the main passion for John, often noting it as "the only thing that makes sense". As one of the originators of the Miami dubstep movement, John now finds himself pushing all sounds bass heavy, with sets snaking through dubtsep, garage and broken beat rhythms, speeding up to gltich, jungle and drum and bass.

Winning Miami New Times "Best New Electronica Artist for 2010" was just the beginning of recognition from press, peers and dance floors alike, solidified by critically acclaimed mixes and a relentless gig schedule; visiting New York City, Worcester, Boston, Austin, Houston and just about every major city in Florida in 2010.


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