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This Oregon based band got their start in early 2010 when songwriters Michael Lennon, on vocals and guitar, and Michael Sorensen, on vocals and drums, joined hands with fellow bassist/songwriter Benny Pezzano through a Southern Oregon open mic. An undeniable synergy was all but tangible as their creative forces coalesced, and they immediately began to grow a diverse collection of original music. They soon joined with Native American Award winning guitarist, Kenny Sequoia Lewis, to record the bands first EP and Sol Seed was finally and truly complete. In October of 2010 the group transplanted to Eugene to pursue life and music, where soon after they linked up with MC, Didgeridoo player and percussionist Sky Guasco, and finally Saxophone player Graeme Pletscher in late 2011. With 6 members, Sol Seeds depth and volume of sound increased exponentially.

As we fast-forward to present day, with only a year and a half under their belts, Sol Seed has swiftly gained momentum and a reputation as a positive, driving force in the NorthWest music scene. Fully equipped with blazing solos, bass-driven grooves, jazz, roots, and hip-hop influenced vocals, and thought provoking lyrics; Sol Seed is an experience you do not want to miss. With an infectious enthusiasm for life and an unequivocal knack to communicate its beauty, the group shares their message of perspectivism and unconditional love through uplifting music rooted in the soul.

In 2012 Sol Seed played over 100 shows in over 40 cities throughout the NorthWest including Hawaii. Their 2013 schedule will be filled with touring, festivals, and extending their reach farther east.

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