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Growing up in the surf resort town of Anapa, Russia, Smarty J, real name Julia Snoz, cut her
teeth on sunny vibes and what the Russians called “Madonna Music.” “Simple words, rhymic
music… all of it setting a really striking example for the girl with blonde hair,” she explains.
When Julia was just 11, she heard Xpress 2’s “Lazy,” for the first time and never looked back
from house music. In 2005, at age 16, she suffered a broken back in a car accident that ended a
budding modeling career and left her temporarily unable to walk. “It was hard during the
recovery period, as I would listen to my favorite house mixes and want so badly to dance,” she
recalls. “The music rescued me and gave me a purpose to strive twards in recovery — I wanted
so bad to get back out to the club and dance.” After making a full recovery physically, Julia had
an epiphany: “I realized that it wasn’t simply about going to clubs and having fun to me… I
wanted it to be something bigger. This led directly to DJing.”

In just under two years, Julia went from stepping on a hometown stage with a single crate of
vinyl to holding residence at Moscow’s reputable Club Paradise in 2007, becoming Russia’s
most popular budding house DJ at only 17.
Hungry to spread her wings beyond Russia, Julia then set her sights to Greece, teaming up with
longtime friend Anastasia Koimchi to create the duo DROPs DJs, dominating the Grecian house
scene and touring Europe until 2013. After going their seperate ways career-wise, a short stint
in Amsterdam, followed by a chance trip to New York City, Julia conceived “Smarty J” as her
next project.

“I knew nothing about the city. I was even afraid to fly across the ocean,” Julia admits of coming
to NYC. “I got on the plane not knowing whether I’d be back in a week or if I’d never return

New York City ended up being a missing puzzle piece — an environment where Julia’s vision for
Smarty J could be fully realized. “I became obsessed with Manhattan, how there is a specific
energy for creative, motivated people… Since coming here, music and New York have become
two halves of me that merged to make an absolutely happy person, and the city continually
inspires me on so many new tracks and influences me deeply, both in music and fashion.”
In September 2014, Smarty J signed to Big Management and set plans into motion for a
massive 2015. Boasting tracks in the making with the likes of vocalists Dominique, Shawnee
Taylor, and Chris Willis, as well as an Ableton-based live set that expands upon her DJing,

Smarty J is poised to show the world’s stage what she’s got to offer.
“I simply love life and possess positive energy,” Julia says of what she does. “As psychologists
say, fall in love with yourself and you will be fallen in love with by people around. People who
see that I very much love music, and that I every much invest everything in it, tend to
understand what it is I do and why I do it.”

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