Shohreh Solati


Shohreh Solati born on Jan 4 in Tehran-Iran , she is a popular Iranian singer who has had one of the most consistently active and prolific careers among contemporary, women Iranian singers. She is a devoted singer who is like nobody her true self with a captivating voice that would mesmerize every listener.
Her appearance in the Iranian music was a phenomenon of tomorrow.
She was born in a family of artisans and began singing when she was only 7 years old.
At first she mimicked her contemporary singers and when she received numerous awards from musical critics and masters.
Later she attended the National Iranian Music Conservatory for classical training in singing and playing clarinet.
Her first single, The Eastern Girl, was a top seller and brought her out of the obscurity. Everyone was astonished by this beautiful charming new singer. With that song, Shohreh moved to the cover of musical journals, and became a dominant feature on the radio talk shows, TV commentaries, and other mass media.
Recording companies began fierce competition to sign contracts with her, and her pictures became a primary cover for weekly magazines.
Shohreh reached the zenith over night and became a favorite of the people. Shohreh brought new meaning to the Iranian music and is the Queen of the Iranian POP Music.
Each of Shohreh’s melodies surpassed the previous one in fame and received blessings from the populace. Her old records are voluble collectors’ item and are treaded quite dearly in international auction houses.
Shohreh soon became the idol of the Iranian teens and the talk of the town. Her posters with magnificent hair do and elegant costumes were everywhere. She was herself and did not imitate others because she believes that an artist has to be original.
Shohreh has recorded over 300 songs each of which has been a top seller. She is quite conscientious is selecting her songs and chooses only masters to work with. Her songs are remembered not for their beautiful words but for the profound emotion they convey.
Shohreh has performed over 100 live concerts with sell out audiences in United States of America, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, England, Sweden, France, Swiss, Germany, and Israel.
Her magnificent concert on October 21, 1995 at the Hollywood Paladium in Los Angeles, California on the occasio of the release of her new album “ZAN” was an enormous success. It was the first time that the world got to see and hear a beautiful female singer pay tribute to the grace and dignity of the liberal Iranian women.
Shohreh has raised from the masses and lives among the populace.
She pays tribute to them and loves them. She knows that they can make or break an idol, and believes that the responsibilities of an Iranian to her community goes beyond performance of her art and extends to her appreciation of their values and ideas. She says human who is not part of populace is a human with no motion.Shohreh has commonly been referred to as the “Queen of Scene,” for her boldly attention-grabbing music videos and stage presence, as well as the “Queen of Iranian Pop Music.”


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