Shelby Grey


After more than ten years focusing on techno and electro Victor thought that it was time to try something new and run wild and free as his favorite muscle car and origin of the new moniker, Shelby Mustang.

Every day is a new day of exploring and there is no pattern how a Shelby Grey track should sound. The music will surprise you in one way or another since our man moves with perfection amongst nu-disco, synth pop, slow tempo and electro.

The inspiration comes from all over, back to the roots of electro, IDM and disco, passing through Shelby Grey’s favorite movies and soundtracks, some good rock’n’roll from the 1980s and today’s indie-disco.

Shelby Grey’s first E.P. Stateless was released in July 2010 on Factor City Records. Echoes, dimensions & Waves ft Ricco Vitali is the first single from the forthcoming L.P. The music is on his side which will be released on Holographic People on October 14th. Furthermore, remixes for Hal Incandenza and Matthys will be released during the next months.


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