Where the EDM culture is concerned, our globe holds some serious hotspots where talented producers emerge, where hit singles are born and where dance music in all genres has fertile soil to flourish. One of those hotspots definitely is Miami, Florida. Whether it’s the fantastic climate, the fact that the city hosts the annual Winter Music Conference in March or the vibrant nightlife, Miami undeniably has a huge attraction to the global music industry. It doesn’t come as a surprise that superstar DJ Tiesto chose to reside in this energetic metropolis.

Young DJ/producer Sharkoffs, born on the 6th of April 1993, is one of those exceptional native Miami talents. Gifted with an undisputed talent for melodies and arrangements, the half Venezuelan half European Sharkoffs started mastering the art of playing the piano at the young age of four and at the end of his kindergarten years, Sharkoffs was able to recite Beethoven’s entire 9th Symphony without breaking a sweat.

Growing up in the nineties and early zeros as an overweight, insecure kid with little or no social life, Sharkoffs divided his time between high school and playing World of Warcraft with his online friends. As the name Sharkoffs was his alter ego while playing this game, it immediately stuck and a stage name was born. Experimenting with producing beats in FL Studio, initially done with the purpose of occupying his spare hours in between playing games, quickly became an escape from everyday life. To be able to be involved in the music scene as a shy kid called for one solution: Sharkoffs had to become a DJ.

At the age of fourteen, Sharkoffs taught himself the necessary DJ skills and landed his first official bookings on all ages events when he was fifteen years old, at that time under his DJ Rafa guise. Sharkoffs rapidly gained himself a huge following, conquered the insecure demon within, lost a ton of weight and became an established name in the all ages party scene. It didn’t take long before he was asked to perform in the Miami club scene, with confirmed gigs in just about every venue in downtown Miami of which his gigs in Space Miami were personal milestones. Barely sixteen, Sharkoffs obtained an official residency spot in the infamous venue Club Boca.

When I really decided to get serious was when I was spinning at one of my first all ages club parties. The venue was packed and as I dropped Robin S - Show Me Love, people just went nuts. The energy of the crowd gave me an intense feeling and I remember thinking: the only thing that could make this moment any sweeter is if it were my own tracks I was playing. From then on I was in the studio 24/7, according to Sharkoffs.

Sharkoffs’ widespread musical influences portrays a who’s who of the current electro house scene. Inspired by Wolfgang Gartner releases, the flawless and unmatched production skills of Deadmau5 and the distinctive off beat style of Crookers, Sharkoffs is aiming to be the best of these three individual worlds. Besides electronic music, Sharkoffs gets heavily inspired by classical pieces of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner and the filthy old school funk by legends such as James Brown and The Animals.

Sharkoffs on the current electronic dance music scene: I kind of view the EDM culture as the new hippie culture of the internet age. I just love being a part of a culture where people are into amazing music and having amazing times, it's all positive energy that comes from festivals, events and clubs. With my own positive energy, drive, ambition and motivation, I’m dedicated to contribute my share to EDM by releasing amazing music and perform memorable gigs.

The future of Sharkoffs is looking brighter than a sunny Miami day. Spending at least a whopping 16 hours a day in the studio creating fresh tunes, Sharkoffs now earned his position on the radar of the world’s biggest labels cueing up to sign this young talent. With forthcoming releases on acclaimed labels and high profile remix work for A-list artists and acts, his hard labour will see a massive pay-off in 2012 with his lifelong goal to be in a position where Sharkoffs can spread his music to the masses within reach.


The philosophy behind the trademark Sharkoffs helmet has risen from the fact that Sharkoffs completely wanted to remove himself from the whole equation. The helmet may be considered as an ego-blocker; when the helmet is on, Sharkoffs is free from prejudice, ego and repressed emotions. The helmet stands for an entire new world in which Sharkoffs is able to unleash his creativity to the fullest.


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