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There's something special about Swedish dance sensation September.

Petra Marklund (born in September, in case you were wondering) has been touring China, Russia, the US. In Spain, Poland, South Africa, Canada, France September's topping the charts. "Satellites" even won September the number one spot on the Billboard Dance Chart last year.
- Being #1 on Billboard was fun mainly because it proved that people really appreciate what we're doing, says Petra.

Besides singer Petra, the September team consists of producer/songwriter Jonas Von Der Burg, and songwriters Niclas Von Der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan.

Petra Marklund is 23 years old and just moved out of her parents' house in Stockholm. She was still in high school when Jonas, Niclas, and Anoo approached her, looking for just the right unique voice that could lift their tunes to something that would move people on, as well as outside of, the dance floor. When the foursome first met up, Petra mostly sang jazz - and today, it's her dark, soulful voice in combination with high quality hit songs that makes the trademark September sound. You'll definitely be dancing. But at the same time, you'll ache. Just a bit.

-I've been much more open about my own visions on this record, and so has the others, says Petra who writes music of her own but likes the fact that September enables her to focus entirely on the singing.
- This time, I've really tried to enter each song in a different way. I've even sung quite badly here and there, almost out of tune, if it felt necessary for the song.

While making "September", Petra, Jonas, Anoo and Niclas really found their way of working together. By now, they all know each other incredibly well, and always get inspired by the others ideas.
- I've never seen Jonas this addicted to working. It's almost been scary to watch him, says Petra, laughing.
And the result will hit you hard. Petra sums it up:
- From euro disco to The Knife,
Between those extremes, "September" flirts with electronica, house, rock, and ragga. Currently "Cry For You" is quickly climbing the charts in Canada.

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