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Scuba (Paul Rose) is the founder of the influential and consistently high quality Hotflush Recordings. From playing a part in the formative years of the sound on the pirate airwaves in London, to working dancefloors across the globe, to a swathe of excellent releases on Hotflush and the high profile Soul Jazz imprint, Scuba brings his own unique musicality to the dubstep sound.

Always fresh and innovative, Scuba’s recent output is at once melodic and musical and devastatingly heavy. The Hotflush label has been a creative incubator for some of the most original and forward-thinking producers in dubstep including the likes of Distance, Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, Pangaea, Loefah, Toasty, Slaughter Mob, Vaccine, Gravious, Marlow, Boxcutter and JazZstePpa. Hotflush - along with Paul Rose’s other imprints - Abucs, Scuba and HF2 can always be relied on to push the dubstep sound in new and exciting directions. With his latest full-length album “Triangulation”, topping charts all over the world, and already being hailed as a masterwork, Scuba’s record bag will be bursting with exclusive dubs of uncompromising caliber.

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