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Scot Project, aka Frank Zenker is one of the pioneers of hard trance with his unique combination of hard percussive rhythms mixed with melodic trance elements making him one of the most successful DJs / producers in dance music today.

Over the past few years Scot Project has created waves in club land with his show-stopping performances at Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Global Gathering, Homelands, Dance Valley and many more festivals and clubs around the globe.

It was his massive 'U (I Got A Feeling)' release on Overdose that first propelled Germany's Scot Project to a global audience, with the track picked up by Positiva (UK), Adrenalin (US), Central Station (Australia) and various other labels for dedicated domestic releases around the world. To this day 'U' has featured on more compilation CDs than just about any other dance track in history - over 50 and counting! Other Scot Project anthems have never been far away since either, such as 'X (Time Is Now)', 'Y (How Deep Is Your Love)', 'F (Future Is Now)', 'O (Overdrive)' and 'L (Want Your Love)'.

Scot Project has also lent his magic touch to a plethora of high profile remixes in recent years such as Cosmic Gate 'Fire Wire', Talla 2XLC 'Come With Me', Yoji Biomehanika 'Ding-A-Ling' / 'Monochroma'. Yves De Ruyter 'Back To Earth', Hennes & Cold 'Second Trip', DJ Supreme 'Horns Of Jericho' and Nightclub 'French Kiss'.

After 10 years at the top of the scene that he helped create, Scot Project recently released his first ever artist album, the critically acclaimed A1. Always at the cutting edge of dance music and production, the trance community awaits with baited breath the next exciting instalment from Scot Project.

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