Sascha Fetterly


Sascha first experienced the booming rave sounds in Toronto in 1990.  By 92 he was in possession of a couple 1200’s and quickly learned how to use them. Over the next few years he constantly bought records, finding his sound and then in 97 got his chance to showcase his talent in a nightclub. From that night, he was getting a lot of booking requests and landed some residencies with some rave companies and nightclubs.   1999 saw the creation of his own rave production company, Purple Heaven, which went on to be one of Toronto’s premier rave companies. He has played on various radio shows and even the Much Music TV dance show, Electric Circus. Over the years he has played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry which enabled him to travel to China to be the resident dj at the infamous superclub, BonBon which was the home of Godskitchen.  One of his most memorable residencies was the monthly full moon beach party in south Thailand.   Now, after playing in many countries and rocking many dance floors, he has returned to his home where his love for dance music continues. His music and style has been greatly influenced by the people he has met, places he has lived and traveled to.  He hopes to see you on a dance floor soon.


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