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DJ and model, Sam Blacky has no problem expressing herself. “My personal style?” Sam Blacky asks, “Oh, it’s like wild child- rocker-slutty-tom boy… I’ll wear drop crotch sweatpants with a see-through mesh shirt,” But this self-proclaimed “wild child,” is maybe not as wild as her fans think. As a DJ and model, of course Sam Blacky is deep in the party and festival scene. Sam DJs all over the world, playing music festivals in Bali and on private islands. Sam says, “Everybody thinks that I’m this really wild and crazy girl, which is true and is also how I portray myself on social media,” but what a lot of people don’t know is that, more often than not, she would rather be on the couch at home, giving advice to her friends (who gave her the nickname Dr. Phil). “I give the best advice,” Sam says, “and I’m a great friend.