Ross Evana


2010 saw the introduction of a new artist project. RossEvana was born with an exciting new sound and 7 years experience of playingdance floors around the globe under his previous guise.

His first track on Get Physical 'Ouija Board' peaked at number 12 on theBeatport house chart - a punchy techy sound that was a taste of things to come.The next releases on SavedRecords, Cocoon Recordings, Cécille Records, Break New Soil, Time Has Changed,Alive Recordings and CR2 were supported by the major DJs all over the world andcemented Ross as one of the most exciting producers around.

Ross' sound incorporates his house roots into a unique tech groove withcool melodies and a funk undercurrent.

He has played in many of the worlds' best venues, including including WombTokyo, Pacha NYC, Ministry Of Sound London & Singapore, Vanguard Hollywood,Vinyl Denver, Warung & D Edge Brazil, Mazoom Verona, Angels Of Love Napoli,Il Muretto Venice, Space Terrace & Privelege Ibiza, The End, Ministry ofSound, Matter & The Key London and many more.

Look out for a new wave of exciting music coming very soon. There is plenty tocome, as you will soon find out


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