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Babicz moved to Germany in 1980. Babicz began making dance music in the early 1990s, catching on to the boom of acid house that was sweeping the clubs and the charts. His first record was Colone Acid Science Trax in 1992. His subsequent single "Happy Answer" entered into the English dance charts. Two years later he founded his own label, Junkfood Records, with Michael Zosel. Under the name Dicabor he released an ambient album on Mille Plateaux. He has also collaborated with the artists Mijk van Dijk, Nino Plast, and Dr. Motte.

As he became an in-demand DJ, he toured all over the world, with requests flooding in for him to perform his renowned live DJ sets, which he always improvises. In addition to playing live he was releasing records on high profile labels like Kompakt, Treibstoff and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique, as well as his own label, Junkfood.

At the turn of the Millennium, Babicz was striving to create a new sound and thus began another label, Shortcut, by which he was able to explore dance music of a more diverse nature. Also during this time he was receiving requests for sound design from hard and software companies, notably resulting in the presets he produced for Native Instruments.

Babicz released his landmark record A Cheerful Temper on Systematic Recordings in 2007. The album seamlessly demonstrates electronica, techno, minimal and classic house. Babicz's latest full-length artist album Immortal Changes was released in March 2010 and has been described by DJ Magazine as a “marriage of organic groove and glistening electronic melodies”. Since Immortal Changes, Babicz has continued to release a string of singles on various labels such as Bedrock Records, Bang Bang and Treibstoff Recordings as well as on his own label Babiczstyle which he began in 2010. Early 2011 will see him release a compilation on his label, titled Robert Babicz Volume 001.

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