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Robb G is literally “in” the music when he’s on stage, dripping with sweat as he screams at the crowd, possessed by the music while he throbs in a head banging body thrash. After seeing him live, there is no questioning that Robb G is a man who truly loves what he does. Known for his speedy beatmatching and continuously layered mixing, he’s performed in Europe and from coast to coast in North America, appearing in over 40 cities on his native continent.

Robb G has had releases and remixes on over a dozen labels in the last decade. Remixing DJ Dan, Will Bailey, Hatiras and many more along the way. His 12 Inch Therapy single received tremendous acclaim, making its way to the top of URB, iDJ, and Mixmag’s Best Of 2008 lists. It hit the number 12 spot on the UK buzz charts and became the number 1 most requested song on Sirius Radio’s Boombox Channel for the entire year. It is no surprise that the Plump DJs named him alongside Justice and Switch when asked who the most exciting producers are.

With his current releases being played by a cast as wide as Carl Cox to Kissy Sell Out, a second full-length album already in the works and a 2010 touring schedule that’s taking him to the far 4 corners of North America and abroad, Robb G stock is on the rise

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