Rj Spinher


Born from the beats that caused a generation to break it down, RJ Spinher has been there the whole way. From spinning on his back to spinning tracks at the warehouses to the clubs RJ Spinher is the next word in house music.

Growing up with rich influences in disco, middle eastern, rock, pop, hip hop and electronic music helped forge him as relentless mixer.

Having played virtually every venue in Los Angeles over the last 16 years and holding residencyʼs at some of the most prestigious clubs in Hollywood (where the velvet rope is the end road for a lot of people) Rj Spinher has positioned himself as the next powerhouse to watch out for.

"I donʼt just want to play for house music fans, I want to create house music fans." says Spinher. "I plan on doing this until a ripe old age, or until my hearing goes out."

With relentless dedication he is helping convert thousands to the mesmerizing beats of house music with his Saturday night House 101 party in Hollywood.

House 101 is a crash course in house music education where Rj can be heard going from deep soulful to power hitting dirty electro house at the snap of the a fader.

Now that he has touched every mixer from San Francisco to San Diego, to the far reaches of the East Coast, He is ready to produce and reinvent himself... recently teaming up with Shush Music for more info please visit www.rjspinher.com or for bookings contact stefan@royaltreegroup.com


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