Ricky Rocks


RICKY ROCKS brings DJing to a whole new level by combining live drums with house/hip hop music and giving the music a live feel. Ricky has played at some of the biggest nightclubs/convention centers around the world and has had a chance to be a part of the Hot Import Nights tour, which tours worldwide. He currently holds residencies at nightclubs throughout the Midwest including the world famous Crobar nightclub in Chicago, IL. Ricky also plays many hot spots in Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA. He has also performed for/with some of the industry’s most well known celebrities including Jimmy Buffet, R. Kelly, Constantine Maroulis of American Idol, playmate DJ Colleen Shannon, DJ Spider, Dj David Rockwell, Dj Fashen and several times with Tommy Lee/DJ Areo. He has also shared the stage/toured with acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, Trapt, Shinedown, Collective Soul, Buckcherry, & Marty Casey & The Lovehammers. Ricky has gained a lot of attention from the music industry, from being featured in many magazines including Modern Drummer Magazine (February 2006). Ricky is extremely driven and continues to raise the bar for himself whether taking on new projects or doing session drumming for new ambitious artists. Ricky has crafted his live show into an explosive high energy experience, but yet technical and precise and will leave you wanting more.


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