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DJ, producer, remixer and one of the first artists to fly the flag for electronic music in Romania, the elusive Rhadoo made his debut as a dj in 1995 at Club A and Studio Martin in Bucharest. His eccentric style and personality have since earned him a reputation as a world-class dj, not only in his home country, but as far as the Berlin Love Parade, East Power in St.Petersburg and DC10 in Ibiza.

Production naturally followed and Rhadoo's first release on Luciano's Cadenza Records was instantly praised for its unique blend of dub and seductive techno, quickly becoming a staple track in the sets of DJ Koze and Karotte. Along with his friends Pedro and Raresh, Rhadoo is a member of the Romanian techno label and performance powerhouse [a:rpia:r], responsible for several high-profile releases including DJ Sneak's 2010 smash "Delta Trippin" as well as nurturing new talents Boola and Dan Andrei. Now with regular headlining appearances at worldwide Cocoon and Cadenza events, Sunwaves festivals as well as at top clubs such as Robert Johnson, Fabric and Panoramabar, Rhadoo's ability and versatility as a DJ continue to grow.

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