Rex the Dog


Mythical cartoon, Rex The Dog is now reincarnated in canine electronic producer Jake Williams name. Burst in 2004 with the horny Frequency, accumulating fans waving tail and making barking rabid hounds on the track. The success was served: Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Client, The Prodigy, Soulwax and Mylo will immediately encargaban a rereading of his subjects, to remember was the Tony The Beat by The Sounds, for which our quadruped performed, and a tremendous remix, a hilarious home video that went around the net. His long-awaited debut, The Rex The Dog Show (08), was happily celebrated by the whole community through fourteen cuts clubber excitadísimos for its irreverent use of vocoders and synthesizers spastic. The epic remixes for Aeroplane and Robyn billed (among many others like the mythical to The Knife), the minimixes that gives on its website or its útlimas productions: Bubblicious or Pow! (by Kris Menace) will help you get an idea of ​​what level you take the dog. Who will walk to who.


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