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Resident Hero


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What makes a rock band worth listening to these days? Radio's current artists seem to recycle soul-less renditions of the same worn out styles. Where is the heart in music that relates the listener to the songwriter? Resident Hero is a trio that challenges it's genre to reclaim it's importance in today's media marketplace. Lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan White has an open and honest way of expressing his life through his music and performances that draws in the listener.

As a songwriter, he's penned over two hundred songs for himself and others, defining his own unique sound, and giving himself time to grow into a developed artist. With Jay Warren on drums, the band's attack is given a solid, clean sound that drives the music forward on iron rails. Luke Agajanian supplies the backing vocals and bass lines with massive tones. Resident Hero's rhythm section are professional players and studio musicians, well respected in their fields despite their young ages.

Their bond as friends is evident when performing; they all give themselves to the belief in what they're creating on stage. The passion of their performances are what defines them. This is what music is missing. It can really all be summed up by a quote from Ryan, "I don't make music for money or fame. It's the release. I write because it's the only thing that makes me feel like a whole person. I'll always do that, no matter who's there to listen."


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