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When Remain founded Meant Records with Siskid, his long-lasting partner in crime, he wanted to build something personal, add something special in the musical landscape.
The original idea was to start an imprint that would release tracks you could listen to at home or at peak time in a club.
Some kind of a subtle crossover between indie rock and electronic music, a simple contraction of their own influences.

And that's what makes this record label different.
REMAIN's musical concept, intimately linked to his label's A&R, subtly integrates analog sounds from various influences to create his own special blend of freaky loopy electronic music.

He now releases his 4th EP on Meant Records.

Two original tracks on this record : RALPH and DIGRESSION.
Still the strong hand to hand fighting aspects : dance music with RALPH, left field and rocky with DIGRESSION.
These two tunes are supported by a hot bunch of remixes engineered by Ewan Pearson, Pan/Tone and last but not least Plein Soleil (aka Chloé and Krikor).