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Ray Dalton


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Ray started his musical career at the age of six, shortly after his family moved from San Bernardino, California to Shoreline, WA. After hearing young Ray sing, Ms. Linda Luebke, his music teacher, advised his mother to get him involved in extracurricular singing. His mother had always encouraged him to sing and was delighted at the idea, å so she placed him in the Seattle Children's Choir. For the next two years, he was introduced to classical and worldly music-- birthing a love and intrigue for these genres as he grew older.

Ray's childhood music influences were given to him by his parents. They'd listen to artists like Teena Marie, Baby Face, The Carpenters, Earth Wind and Fire, Selena Elos Dinos, and Fleet Wood Mac. Ray loves to pull creative inspiration from those early introductions to musical styles and vibes.

Ray continued to sing in Middle and High School Choirs, while also being highly involved in sports such as tennis and volleyball.

Later in 2006, Ray met Camila Recchio in a high school choir class they shared. She'd been writing songs for a few years and had just begun working with local Seattle hip-hop artists. Ray and Camila were asked to sing in a friend’s senior project so they decided to work together and performed an accapella rendition of "Friends." She invited him to join the choir she had been singing with for a few years, the highly acclaimed Total Experience Gospel Choir. He joined and soon after became a part of the choir family.

Singing gospel music arranged by the incredible Pastor Pat Wright who gave Ray many lessons in life, music, love, and enthusiasm, he was able to travel and sing worldwide with the choir. Being a part of these diverse and professional performances with Total Experience and observing Camila on a hip hop platform inspired and intrigued Ray to step into as many genres as possible. His love for collaboration is like his love for his friends - and in that environment it's all the same.

His first song was "Trippin" with local Seattle Hip Hop group Superfire. Through this community he was introduced to Sol and they created "Need Your Love" which can be found on Sol’s recent album, Yours Truly. "Need Your Love" was then shown to Ryan Lewis and shortly after introductions were made Ryan, Macklemore and Ray created "Can't Hold Us."

Ray is currently working on collaborations with a large array of musicians, many of which will be featured on his first release, The Dalton Show.

Ray is truly grateful to everyone who supports him on this journey, and would like you all to know that you give him the courage and the strength!