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Rawayana born in 2007 when Alberto Montenegro (Acoustic leader and voice) and Antonio Casas (Low) begin to gather to play acoustic versions of their favorite bands, often altering the lyrics of the songs with humor that still characterizes the band . Shortly after they write their first original pieces and begin their search for more members to form a band. That is how Alejandro Abeijón (Guitar) and Rodrigo Michelangelli, who then come to be replaced by Andrew Story (Drums) Despite already having been formed the band, and have made its way into the platforms of Caracas bars, it was not until 2010 that Rawayana is consolidated as a group, at which they are invited to the Festival New Bands and decide to focus on project more seriously, following which they recorded their first studio, the album "License To Be Free" (2011). With a very modest sound and simple compositions, this first disc offers the Venezuelan public a catalog of potential "singles", with a unique freshness clothing fusion of genres for which the band is now known. From Reggae, Folk and Pop up Afro-Caribbean rhythms are alluded to in this work with lyrics and melodies hard not to remember, to Rawayana positioned as one of the most popular acts of independent music in Venezuela. Complementing the success of the album and boosting its popularity, the audiovisual work the band has created guidelines on how independent productions in the local market. Video clips for the singles "Blue Fire", "something different", "Cats Oliva Ft. Diego Alvarez" and "ALMOST" all under the direction of Johan Verhook and Rodrigo Michelangelli, present the perfect blend of quirky humor of " Rawas "and a high aesthetic level and film in contrast to what was then the standard for the guild. All this opens the door to the Caracas grouping the main venues in the country, sharing the stage with artists like La Vida Boheme, Chino y Nacho, Morodo, Melendi, Cyanide Caramels, Viniloversus, 4th power, Acoustic Movida Urbana, between other; and even takes them to appear in the United States, besides being awarded in 2012 with four statuettes (Reggae Artist of the Year, Best Rock Song, Video Reggae Reggae Album of the Year and the year) in the Pepsi Music Awards. In 2013, the band presents "RawayanaLand" his second album, recorded between New York City and Caracas, under the production of José Luis "Cheo" Pardo (Los Amigos Invisibles) and Rafael Greco (Guaco), which with a more refined sound, a little more ambitious compositions, but without losing the flavor and humor that has become his trademark, compiles a group of songs that will take you to a place devoid of everything surrounding everyday life. The album, consisting of 13 tracks, with the participation of Natalia Lafourcade, Psycho (4th power), Ramses Meneses (Mcklopedia) and DJ Afro. Ay Ay Ay is the first single from the second album, with a fresh interpretation of traditional son, seasoned with spices from "RawayanaLand" has already all the inhabitants of the island dancing. Currently, Rawayana is planning his new tour, in which they plan to bring their latest work to the greatest possible number of cities inside and outside Venezuela.

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