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Randall Jones is known among his peers worldwide as being one of the most talented DJs and producers in the field of dance music. His sound is undefinable but always upfront, chunky, sexy and deep. He has a reputation for making and playing music that defies all boundaries, while making the hips move and the dancefloor shake.

Randall cut his teeth DJing at afterhours clubs in the sprawling metropolis of Houston, USA in the very early nineties. In 1992 he moved to Philadelphia to continue his study of this art and to attend college there. For the next 10 years he made Philly his base and continued playing superclubs up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States. He held residencies at Vinyl in NYC, Shampoo in Philly and Stereo in Montreal as well as playing guest spots at various other world famous venues such as Twilo, The Tunnel, The Palladium, Save the Robots, and Redwood Trust amongst others. In 1997, disillusioned by the lack of good records available in stores Randall turned his talents to production and with the help of two of his mentors, King Britt and Josh Wink, he got an internship in one of the best recording studios in Philadelphia. He began refining his sound and in 1998 formed Tigerhook Corps. with his lifelong friend Hito. As talented members joined the fold of the Corps., Randall's work, both with Tigerhook and solo, began to be recognized worldwide. Records were signed to the best labels in the world including house labels like Shaboom and EndRecordings as well as more progressive styled labels like Bedrock, Hooj and Saw Recordings. These tracks showcased Randall's diversity and around this time he began to to refocus on DJing...traveling the world and playing in the best nightclubs worldwide.

These days Randall tours extensively, regularly playing in cities like Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Mexico City, NYC, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Budapest, Amsterdam, London and many many more. . He is asked back time and time again to play because of his unique ability to rock any dancefloor with a sound that ranges from deep house to bumping tribal techno. Randall Jones is a rarity in the dance industry today. He is a DJ that has not achieved his status through marketing ploys, PR agents and dj lists but rather through years of hard work rocking dancefloors worldwide. He is a DJ that caters to the people and not to the whims of an industry.


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