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Enter the world of RADAMAS and the earth shakes beneath your feet. This DJ is by far one of Miami's most soundsational discoveries. He is an unconventional musical master as unpredictable as the explosive sounds he delivers. His uncanny ability to charm his audience by intuitively anticipating the very beat that moves them is what keeps him levels above the rest.

Radamas knows no boundaries and remains spectacularly undefined. Born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, this New Yorker is no stranger to the streets. He followed in the footsteps of his father, a Latin jazz musician who along with his mother encouraged Radamas to pursue that which was in his blood. Although the genre he identifies with is extremely different from his father's, his passion for music is in no means diminished.

At an early age, Radamas explored the realms of music. Having a good ear, he became self taught and dominated the keyboard in no time. With working parents, Radamas was left to find a relevant source of education on the hard streets of his neighborhood.

His family and community instilled a deep pride in the cultural blend of his Puerto Rican and New York City heritage. Transcending beyond race and culture, Radamas finds his diversity and ability to unite the crowd to be instinctive. He doesn't need to work hard at what is as natural to him as breathing.

More than just the average DJ, Radamas has become one of the most well rounded DJ's to hit the east coast in a long time. Homing his skills by keeping true to turntablism, Radamas has found him self going against world champion battle d j' s such as Craze and getting the respect on the streets that many party and radio DJ's lack. . Radamas also spent 4 years producing and hosting a top ranked radio show on 90.9 WCDB Albany NY and has developed his own ON AIR personality to match his party and turntable skills. He also held a show for 2 years on Miami’s 103.5 THE BEAT doing “Back in the day Buffet” Monday thru Friday before the station changed format.

He has played for hundreds of famous artist such as, Madonna, Aerosmith, N'SYNC, Brittney Spears, Janet Jackson, Russell Simmons and Puffy to name a few. His hottest spots may be in Miami and New York, but Radamas has toured Chicago, New Orleans, Haiti, St. Bart, and Switzerland.

Among one of Radamas' greatest accomplishments is the recognition he received from the hip-hop industry when in 1997 Sean "Puffy" Combs discovered the magic of Radamas spinning in the situation room of "Liquid". Radamas quickly became one of Bad Boy Entertainment's elite DJ's doing many Miami based events for the company as well as traveling overseas to personally perform for Puffy.

Confident of his unlimited potential, Radamas has a Masters Degree in Science and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business and Communications. He states" I look toward continued growth through education. The more Knowledge we are able to attain, the better prepared we are to succeed. The music industry is no exception."

Radamas has a strong following of true "rhythm seekers" who absorb the vibes that he creates. Like a rushing wave, he covers an unsuspecting crowd with impeccable timing and increasing energy. He sets the mood and ignites fire into every dance, every song, and every beat. True to his zodiac sign, he is an authentic Scorpio who strikes with deadly precision and little regard for the ordinary.

Within the hierarchy of DJ's in the kingdom of the nightlife, Radamas is revered. In the turntable world of spinning, scratching and base, where rappers quickly fade and lights slowly dim, be not mistaken, it is there that Radamas rules.


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