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Born in France, Alex Pycke grew up in Madrid.

Starting off playing guitar at 7 years old, he has been living his entire life surrounded by music. At 10 years old, he started playing drums while he was still living in Spain. In 2007, his parents moved to Montreal. He fell in love with the vibrance and diversity of the city.

During the summer 2013, he discovered a new genre of music that never attracted him before: Techno.
With his talents strong on the drum, he started falling in love with this genre where everything is based on rhythms.
He started his career as a promoter in the beginnings of 2014. Starting as the Head Promoter of La Famiglia Recordings, his very friendly and sociable personality helped him build his name in the scene. Nowadays, Alex Pycke is working for Stereo Montreal, AIM Festival, and many others events.

After spendings thousands of hours on the dance floor, everyone around him noticed his love and dedication to Techno. For his 21st birthday, his closest friends gave him a gift that changed his life: a Djing introduction course at la SAT in October 2014 where he learned all the basics to start following his dream.

Known as one of the craziest Techno dancers in Montreal, he was known to spend between 25 and 30 hours dancing non-stop every weekend. All his knowledge in drums and his background dancing helped him understand all the rhythmics very fast. After a month and a half DJing, he started organizing after parties in his basement after whole nights dancing at Stereo. He stood out very fast with impressive marathon sets, playing for more than 8 hours straight on New Years Eve 2015, and this was only his 4th set in his entire career!

Techno is futuristic music and this is only the beginning of PYCKE's journey, extending deep into the sounds of tomorrow.

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