Who is PROps? PROps is the man that lives to make others happy with his keen taste in Fidget Electro House. He is the part in a song that gives you the chills and makes all the hairs on your body stand up. PROps has known that showing the world his music is his destiny ever since he picked up a violin at the young age of 9. In Middle school, the drums became the new musical weapon of choice and PROps joined the band, Until the Flood. After a handful of great times and successful local shows the band grew distant and eventually separated. But this hard time led to the expansion of his musical knowledge and he became addicted to drum and bass and then all forms of EDM. Ever since then it has been clear that EDM is his path in this life and nothing with stop PROps until he is number one and all of you are screaming his name. PROps has been DJing since May 2010; and in that short time he has made his presence known and is a part of Systematic Productions, We The People Productions, and Dub Recon. This is just the beginning and the path only goes up from here. Expect to see PROps at more and more events and prepare to HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED!


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