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Making waves in a genre that is already making waves, in 2011 Proper Villains is poised to help redefine dubstep. As we see dubstep break away from it's underground roots and become more mainstream, Proper Villains is one of the standout artists of this year, unabashedly mixing pop sounds and dirty bass into dance floor-friendly mayhem. While critics try to split this genre of music & sub-categorize it, Proper Villains borrows from his extensive background in electro, house, drum and bass, hip-hop, and uk garage to bridge the gaps in between. Jokingly describing his production style as "bass-ey awesomeness," he skillfully crafts dance floor bangers like his recent remix of "Bass Down Low" by the Cataracs ft. Dev (Universal).

A prolific remixer, his remixography includes such artists as Stereo MCs, The Cataracs, Kidz in the Hall, DJ Ayers, Theophilus London, Cubic Zirconia, Dirty Disco Youth and Ninjasonik. In collaboration with Jess Jubilee, he remixed Roxy Cottontail’s “Double Dare,” which was featured on the MTV show “My Life as Liz.”

Whether DJ'ing to a packed house, or producing a club hit, Proper Villains' talent for throwing in the unexpected gives his mixes that "Holy @#$%, did he really just do that" quality that keeps him in high demand.

He just knows what makes you dance.

Selected Discography:

Proper Villains "The Trick Baby EP" (Southern Fried)

Proper Villains "Nightshifters Classics Vol. 3" (Nightshifters)

Proper Villains "The Big Apple Bounce EP" (Flamin' Hotz)

Proper Villains "Release the Hounds" b/w PV & Akademy "I Hate Everyone" (Play Me)

Proper Villains & Submerged “Vale Tudo/The Fear” (Effect the Cause)

Proper Villains "The Big Top EP" (Nightshifters)

Selected Remixography:

Rochelle “Fer de Lance” Proper Villains remix (Southern Fried)

Stereo MC's "Black Gold" Proper Villains remix (Graffiti)

Lenka "Trouble is a Friend" Proper Villains & Mike Dextro remixes (Epic/Plant)

Cubic Zirconia "Fuck Work" Proper Villains & Jess Jubilee remix (The Savant Guard)

Roxy Cottontail "Double Dare" Proper Villains & Jess Jubilee remix

DJ Ayre's "Got Me Gone" Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains remix (T&A)

Dirty Disco Youth “Heads Off...” Proper Villains Mo' Acid remix (Dim Mak)

Maddjazz “Selekta Riddim” Proper Villains Remix
Bird Peterson “Zutopong” Proper Villains Remix

Ethix “Breakin' Bad” Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains Pumper Remix (Meanbucket)

The Cataracs ft. Dev "Bass Down Low" Proper Villains Remix (Universal)

Rampage “REACTIVATE” Proper Villains Remix


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