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Even their name is unique.

But that’s not the only thing that sets Pretty Ricky apart from the rest of the pack.

From their configuration – one singer and three rappers – to their image –

handsome, young and sexy – Pretty Ricky has been in a league all its own since

they first hit the scene in 2005 with “Grind With Me,” the smash single from their

platinum debut CD, “Bluestars.” Says member and resident producer Diamond

Blue Smith, “In a time where record labels are generically making bands on

reality shows, Pretty Ricky is the last of a dying breed.”

With a sound that is one part hip hop, one part R&B, Pretty Ricky practically

invented and single-handedly mastered the art of combining melodies,

harmonies and dope raps. They took their signature sound and injected it into

a predominantly hip-hop marketplace during a time when crunk music ruled the

airwaves. The result was the birth of an exciting twist on both genres that would

be imitated – but never duplicated – by their successors.

Adoration for Pretty Ricky caught on early. Their debut CD spawned two of their

three top ten hits and set the stage for their sophomore CD “Late Night Special,”

which topped the charts and owned the number one spot for five consecutive

weeks. Pretty Ricky mania erupted as reports of fanatical fans fainting at

concerts and standing in interminable lines at record stores ran rampant. Atlantic

Records COO Craig Kallman likened it to Beatle-mania.

As a group, Pretty Ricky is known for their sexy, sensual (borderline raunchy)

music and stage shows. But there’s much more to these Miami natives, known

individually as Diamond, Spectacular, Lingerie and Slick’em, than meets the eye.

It’s safe to say these guys really do mean business. Julie Greenwald, president

of Atlantic Records, once proclaimed, “Diamond Blue is the new Puffy in the

making.” (Diddy himself referred to the band as “the new Jodeci.”)

These music impresarios know that Pretty Ricky have all the traits that

superstars are made of: business sense, vocal innovation, showmanship and, of

course, dynamic personalities. Says Diamond, “The various personalities of each

individual member is what gives the band diversity. Spectacular brings the sex-

appeal, Slickadelaphante brings out the wild and crazy side of the band, Lingerie

provides the charismatic, R&B, sultry side and I’m the business man; collectively,

We are the Kings of the Bedroom!”

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