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There’s a wild Jungle, full of crazy freaks, beats and treats….a Jungle bursting with the sound of techno and booty movin bass…where the tribe leaders know no limits and the wilder, the better. Spawned from a burnt turd, deep within that Jungle came the wildest freak of them all…Porkchop…

Jungle tribe leader Mikey Lion is an innovator of his tech-house sound, and it was inevitable that his little brother and best friend Porkchop followed in his lead. After being introduced to the ever inspiring duo Daft Punk in 2007, Porkchop began his lifelong love affair with electronic music. Shortly after, a trip to Barcelona sparked a change in Mikey and Porkchop’s ever evolving musical tastes. This new tech-house sound was emerging in all the house music capitals of the world and it changed Porkchop’s style and sound for good. The brothers began their quest to live, eat, sleep and breathe techno.

His deep seated techno roots eventually evolved into a shared love for anything tech, including his signature tech-house sound, those undeniable bootylicious beats he plays so well. Heavily influenced by the infamous San Francisco Dirtybird label, those tech house booty-tech beats have officially become Porkchop’s signature sound. Jungle’s eventual pairing with San Diego’s purveyor of all things deep and sexy, aka Lovelife, spawned a mega family of tech house-deep house-techno loving Jungle lovers. That’s a whole lotta love, and Porkchop is at the center of it all.

From playing marathon 6 hour sets at Burning Man, to any and every city’s post BM decompression…from Jungle parties to Lovelife afterparties, Porkchop is the best version of himself when dj’ing. From opening up for one of his heroes, Lee Burridge, to throwing a wildly successful desert parties (Desert Hearts- 44 hours of house and techno in the Mojave Desert). Porkchop will party the hardest, play the hardest and without a doubt, get those booty’s pumpin the hardest

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