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Plaid, are London based producers Andy Turner and Ed Handley. Much of their earlier work was released under the name The Black Dog.

Andy Turner and Ed Handley are old school friends who have been producing music together since 1989, when they founded, The Black Dog, with Ken Downie. Their first album as Plaid, Mbuki Mvuki, was self-released on their label, Black Dog Productions in 1991 and led to their signing to Warp Records. They wrote two albums for Warp with Downie, as The Black Dog, Bytes and Spanners, before leaving to pursue their Plaid collaboration. Since, they have released the albums, Not for Threes, Restproof Clockwork, Trainer, Double Figure, Spokes and Scintilli, often collaborating with acoustic musicians for the recordings.

Their passion for collaboration has enabled them to embrace diverse musical and visual influences. Producing recording artists such as Bjork (One Little Indian), Mara Carlyle (Accidental Records) and Nicolette (Talking Loud), as well as developing shows with The Southbank Gamelan Players, The London Sinfonietta and academics from SARC (The Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast) amongst others. They have been involved in the development of various new music technologies, Bruno Zamborlin's Mogees system, Felix Thorn's project Felix's Machines and other software production tools, most notably being featured artist for Apple's Logic Studio software.

Plaid's interest in live audio visual performance, led to their work with the visual artist Bob Jaroc and their surround sound DVD release, Greedy Baby. They have also collaborated on short form video with other directors including the Parisian collective, PLEIX (for Creative Review), Chris Turner (for the English National Ballet) and Evan Boehm (for The Creators Project). They composed the soundtracks for Michael Arias' feature films, Heaven's Door and Tekkonkinkreet, awarded a Japanese Academy Prize in 2006 for best Animated picture.

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