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Wed Aug 3 · 8 pm
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Pinegrove is an American rock band formed in Montclair, New Jersey in 2010. The band's lineup is variable, with singer-songwriter Evan Stephens Hall and drummer Zack Levine representing its core members. The two met as children and played in various bands before founding Pinegrove. The band's musical style, which uses instruments such as the banjo and pedal steel guitar, is commonly described as a mix between alt-country and emo. Pinegrove's early years were spent self-releasing music—including their debut album, Meridian (2012)—and performing do-it-yourself (DIY) house shows.

After signing to independent record label Run for Cover, the group issued an anthology of their early work, titled Everything So Far (2014). Their second studio album, Cardinal (2016), represented a breakthrough, gathering a devoted fan listenership and appearing on many music critics' top-10 year-end lists. After recording its successor, Skylight, Pinegrove took a year-long hiatus after Hall was accused of "sexual coercion" by a person with whom he toured. The album saw proper release independently in 2018, and was followed by several sold-out tours. The band signed to British label Rough Trade for their next efforts, including Marigold (2020) and the forthcoming 11:11 (2022).

Pinegrove are known for their literary lyricism and loyal following of fans, which refer to themselves as "Pinenuts". The band's name comes from a prominent pine tree row on a nature reserve at Kenyon College, where Hall attended college. They are known for their geometric iconography, specifically using square shapes, and usage of the ampersand (&) in artwork and merchandise. Pinegrove are also recognized for their alignment with progressive causes, including charitable contributions to civil rights organizations.

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