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Pigeons Playing Ping Pong strike a hopeful tone on its buoyant new single, "Dawn a New Day," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 7). The band hopes to use the song to help others do the same.

The Baltimore quartet, no stranger to philanthropic enterprise, has partnered with Backline, a music industry initiative providing mental health and wellness resources, to present the song. "As a band we try to focus on the sunny side of things and try to find the joy in life in an otherwise troubling times these days," the group's Greg Ormont says of the song, which was started by guitarist Jeremy Schon and fleshed out by the rest of the band.

"Dawn a New Day," he explains, "is a reminder to look at the glass half full and use the support of your friends and yourself to get through tougher times and dawn a new day."

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