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Pier Bucci started to create his own vision of atmospherical rhythms via experimental musical programming. His first release can be listened to on the compilation "Austral" on the Chilean label Ruta 5.

In the beginning of '99 he founded the project Skipsapiens [u-cover, Belgium] together with his colleague Daniel Nieto which knew to amuse warm, analogue melodies by setting very individual sound effects. In 2000, during the same period the production of the Mambotur songs occurred. The 2001 meet with Lucien Nicolet in Chile and they start the project Monne Automne edited in Background Records [Chile] and in Lo-Fi Stereo [Germany]. At the beginning of 2002 sing with Multicolor Recording with the project Mambotur - AtinaLatino, during that time Pier decide to move to Germany. In Berlin he meets with some of his Chilean friends like Ricardo Villalobos, Schopf brothers and Luciano, working and cooperating with them he meets with some German producers as Pink Elln & Max Loderbauer. New friends and new projects born in Berlin. The 2003 he released a *bucci* ep with his brother Andrés on WMF Records, meeting back with Luciano in Geneva they create new songs recently edited on Peacefrog England [lucien-n-luciano album] and on his label cadenza [02].

In Berlin Mambotur invited Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund to a new project remixing an re-creating Los Jaivas, Chilean classic band with influences of altiplanic-andean music. In the studio Argenis, Max and Pier create a new concept call Maluco. In 2004 Pier Bucci met Tobias Freund [Pink Elln] and they created an EP released on Cynosure Records [Canada]: Bucci/Pink Elln - Badminton EP.

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