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Not very long ago, quite a transformation was taking place in New York City. The techno and acid house surge in the early 1990’s caught the imagination and inspired some of the most sharpest and talented music minds around today. Peter Bailey was among those hanging in the throngs of iconic places such as Sound Factory and Limelight listening to DJs like Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia and Louie Vega and sure enough, the experiences of this young, wide-eyed aspiring DJ/producer is the foundation of what has now become a stellar career.

Thriving off of the energy of the musical surge, Peter found himself playing alongside some dance music heavyweights. His earliest DJing experiences had him playing with dance music legends such as Joey Beltram, Kevin Saunderson, Sven Vath and Jeff Mills, even playing at one of Frankie Bones' highly acclaimed Storm Raves. Along the way, Peter’s exposure to these surroundings kept feeding his ambition to try more, learn more. Peter needed to take it to the next level, not merely playing other people’s music, but creating his very own.

Peter took the next logical step and established himself as a producer who consistently delivers the goods, with sounds ranging from tough tribal to deep and sexy, encompassing his wide array of influences. Peter' is no newcomer to the industry, he has been producing dance records since 1998 but it wasn’t until Peter’s original track “U Need it” had caught the attention of world renowned DJ Steve Lawler that his production career began to take off. After hearing the track, Lawler immediately signed Peter to his new label Harlem Records for a three single deal. The success of “U Need it” gave Peter the boost he needed in the international dance community.

He then followed up his Harlem debut with “Dancefloor” which found itself on the airwaves of Radio1 as well as Kiss FM in the UK, being played by every DJ from John Digweed to Pete Tong. Due to the success of these tracks the remix offers began to pour in for Peter and he went on to score five #1 remixes on the Billboard Dance Charts. In addition some of his originals landed themselves on over 30 mixed compilations. Through his production achievements offers for DJ performances started to be made and Peter began to play all over the world, from North America to South America to Eastern Europe at some of the finest venues in the world.

Now with the resurrection of the NYC club scene after a brief slide from 2001-2004 gave rise to the next generation of influential DJs that have reshaped the sound of New York. Peter Bailey is clearly leading the pack through his original production work and his regular DJ appearances at NYC’s best venues such as Crobar, Pacha and Cielo. This is validated even further by having been mentioned by both Victor Calderone and Steve Lawler in DJ Magazine as the next big thing.

Currently, Peter’s got a lot going on. Peter has just been signed to Stereo Productions, undoubtedly one of best underground music labels, for two of his latest original music productions. He has two tracks being featured on the Chus and Ceballos latest mix compilation. And with a new label in the works as well as a buy touring and studio schedule there is clearly no sign of Peter slowing down.

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