Peter Anthony


DJ Peter Anthony became a DJ to share his love of music with the world.

At a young age he was introduced to the Montreal nightlife by working in a nightclub where his break dancing added to the vibe. From the influence of the Ilume club on St-Laurent Street in Montreal, the sound of DJ Peter Anthony was born.

He quickly gained international exposure by performing all around America; from Montreal, to Miami, New York, Playa del Carmen (Mexico) to the Bahamas, which influenced his own Ghetto-Jacking House style. He always was a big believer that DJs should tell the audience a story.

In 1999, at the age of 18 he performed his first residence in Montreal at Upper club. He has had many residences since then: Circus afterhours, Cherry Nightclub, Salon Daomé, Parking nightclub, La Santanera in Playa del Carmen, Playa mammitas Mexico and Karma.

Recognized for intense parties at Cherry Nightclub, the crowd is faithful to the original and unpredictable sound that DJ Peter Anthony jacking twisted disco funk !


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