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Controlling Bodies since 1982

The moment you are in control you are no longer free.
If you got to meet yourself as a teenager, what would you say?
Your inability to control your changing voice is not what defines you.
Is it?
Who's power are you implementing through your voice?
Your voice is your instrument, what are you saying?
This is control.
This is control.
We all fear taking it.
We all fear losing it.
Some of us crave it to a point where it brands us freaks.
In others the freak emerges only when we lose it.
For some of us it's a thing remote, for some it's the fine spider silk connection to solid ground.
This is control.
This is control.
A matter of power and submission.
Who's power are you implementing on your offspring?
Where does your free spirit go when you set it free?
Control is the pace you chose for your vessel, whether the world perceives it as too fast or too slow.
Do you do yoga?
How about your head?
What's in it?
Some can decide the time and impact of their heart's every beat, they can turn the noise of their feet to the floor down to nothing.
Some bodies rule their inhabitants, true or false.
They can decide whether the souls within them are worthy of love or death in the long run.
Starve or feed it, sell or bleed it.
It's about the human factor, the automatic fault of anything alive.
When you become a figure of authority.
When you hold some being's existence in your hands.
When you are the signature of another human being, there you have it.
There you lose it, because listen now:
The moment you are in control you are no longer free.