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At 16 years old, DJ Payce started his career in New York state and his future looked bright from the get go. From then, Payce grew up in the city of Montreal where he was able to study and perfect the craft of DJing to then become a front runner in the club industry.

By mastering every aspect of his technique from scratching, blending, beat juggling and most importantly, controlling a dancefloor - DJ Payce became the best amongst his counterparts. It’s extremely rare to find a DJ that possesses a “natural instinct” when it comes to his/her performance. Payce has the skill-set of delivering the perfect vibe each and every time by playing that “right” song at the “right” moment given to any type of audience he may be catering to.

As his reputation strengthens in junction with a growing list of accolades, DJ Payce is determined on being the best of the best of North American DJs. Sought after by venue owners and event promoters nationwide, Payce also had the liberty of working with an extensive list of A+ artists and celebrities such as Drake, Rihanna, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee, Guns N’ Roses, and The Black Eyed Peas. Payce had also received top billing for a number of well-known corporate event with Red Bull, Molson Brewery, Heineken, Tapout, and Triple Five Soul clothing

Since his journey began, Payce has surpassed the expectations of his peers, critics and audience. His love for the craft of djing and the continuous refining of his immense talents has enabled Payce to represent himself a flair, an individuality and talent that is unmatched in his field.


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