Paul E


Hailing from the city of Brooklyn, New York, Paul E, is a by-product of his environment. Mentored by his uncle – a Brooklyn-area DJ – and influenced by the Miami club scene, Paul has gone on to rock just about every popular dance floor in Miami / Miami Beach area within the last decade. Holding residencies through out the years of 2011 - 2014 with The Opium Group's famed venues: Mansion, Mokai & SET as well as a current residency with the world known Nikki Beach has added even more value to the Paul E brand. Solidifying himself as a stable force in the Miami nightlife & DJ community, Paul E now is focusing on his production and musical craft. You can find him spending much of his time these days managing his new record label "Bad Dog Records" with his partners 'Your Friends' while collaborating with other artists and producers on various projects. Expanding his repertoire as one of Miami's more dynamic producers.


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