Pamela Anderson


To say that Pamela Anderson is enjoying a rather full life would be something of an understatement. The millennium’s most recognizable icon has hit her stride again.

She has graced more magazine covers worldwide than any star of her generation, in every important demographic-from The Columnist to the Guinness Book as the world record holder for being the “most down loaded” star.

The model/actress/mother/developer/entrepreneur/philanthropist is famously known for turning down big deals because they don’t “feel” right or they cut too far into her children’s time. It’s been HER philosophy that has given her a higher quality of life amidst a pretty shady business.

In a love life full of drama, heartbreak and chances taken, Pam has no regrets. Between her kids, being a favorite playboy sex symbol and all her work for charity- Pam still manages to balance it all somehow. Her smart ass comments about wanting to be remembered by 2 simple words- “any 2 as long as they’re simple”- have given her a reputation of being beautiful, funny and smart (a triple threat). As Pam says, a cute smile and a trick pelvis will get you pretty far in Hollywood or anywhere for that matter.

She’s been a huge success on television from Baywatch to her recent documentary series for E channel,”Pam: Girl on the Loose”.

Her favorite movie moment is still Borat of course-but she’ll be the first to admit she’s NO actress – unless she wants to be. She feels more like a circus performer with her gymnastic training and her tom boy background, yet it was a list of glamorous fantasies that brought her to Vegas in 2007. She was a magician’s assistant- something to cross off her list- which was right up there with “Gentleman, start your engines” as an assistant for NASCAR. 6 months of being a magician’s assistant, 3-4 nights a week, including a weekend meant flying 4 flights a weekend to make sure she didn’t miss soccer or football games. She started in the summer so her kids could come with her, but then school started and the fiasco of flights began. After 3 months, the show was extended 3 more months, staying to support her new friend Hans Klok.

Pamela has always had plenty of projects going on. Some of her favorite things that you might not know of are construction, architecture and design. If she’s not buying or collecting art, she’s busy being an artist’s muse. She has a fun art collection she’s proud of, which includes collaborations with Ruscha, Richard Prince, Marilyn Minter, KOONS and lots of Lachapelle!

Her home in Canada is eco friendly – she’s re-building her Grandma’s little court of cabins and dock from her childhood on the 6 acre waterfront property she purchased by the skin of her teeth years ago, from her beloved grandmother. She has a new home currently being built on the beach. It’s Lautner inspired and very chic. She lives close by and goes to site every day to make sure things are going her way.

Pam’s also hard at work with PETA – ‘tis the season of the disgusting Canadian seal hunt, after all. She represented fellow animal lover Brigitte Bardot at Bardot’s request at her annual press conference to stop the seal hunt in Paris, while Pamela was there performing a tribute to her “Harley Davidson” at Crazy Horse Paris.

Her website is being revamped and re-done in Canada by Cmaeon- where she’s attempting to do much more business and share her time going back and forth between Vancouver Island and Malibu.

She’s got another new business venture in the works, helping to develop a sexy beach club and spa in her new favorite yacht getaway Montenegro as well as a new line of body fragrances for women and men, oils and body products called “Malibu by Pamela Anderson”. Women’s fragrances are available now so get them fast!

Pam’s not stopping there, though. She’s also launched a cruelty free, sustainable lingerie and t-shirt line with Richie Rich called A*muse. They’re currently on a world tour, performing in ‘rock’n roll” hot sexy fashion shows. Her Pammies beach boots have taken off like a rocket; a cruelty free option to animal skinned boots. They’re available exclusively on in two styles. There’s definitely more to come, so stay tuned!

Pam will be off to London soon to do theatre/pantomime over Christmas holidays at the Wimbledon Theater. She’ll be playing the “Genie” in Alladan.


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