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In today's EDM scene, a DJ is defined by his sound &creativity. "Ravers" or "Clubheads" today can actuallydistinguish the difference between a "good" set or just a DJ thatthrows tracks around with no meaning... This said, after studying music theory for 7 years and playing differentmusical instruments such as; guitar, alto saxophone, drums & keyboards justto name a few, Oren D has not only mastered the art of constructing sets fromthe ground up but delivering unique & banging ones each & every singletime.

What ignited the up & coming DJ to start mixing? It all started when he wasin high school and started making monthly mix-tapes that his friends were eagerto get their hands on time he'd come up with a new one. After high school hemoved to Florida where he fell in love with House music. So much that he wouldspend night & day digging for all the tracks that he could get his handson, studying the difference in musical variation of each style and mostimportantly understand the impact each & every song could have on the dancefloor if played at the right time. 5 years down the line, Oren D wanted to takeit to the next step and got himself a weekly residency at one of the newest& hottest local clubs at the time (2008) Oxygen in Panama City Beach,Florida. Every Tuesday for 6 months locals and tourists from all over thePanhandle of Florida would come & enjoy his set and always left themcraving for more...

Coming back to Montreal in 2009, Oren D finally had the chance to prove himselfin front of a real "audience", the after-hour scene! Playingalong-side one of his idols, Jerome Isma-Ae and leaving the crowd breathless ishow he earned his residency in one of the world's best rated clubs (#19 in Top100 Clubs by Dj Mag) Circus Afterhours. After only a year being a resident OrenD has shared decks with world renowned DJ's such as; Gareth Emery, Marco V,Mark Knight, Leon Bolier, Ashley Wallbridge, Blake Jarell, Claudia Cazacu andSuper8 & Tab. Played at the biggest electronic music festival in Canada;the Ibiza Festival at Beach Club, Pointe Calumet and has the honor or ending& bringing in the new year at Circus Afterhours (2011) sharing the deckswith international & local DJ's; W&W, Ummet Ozcan, Adam K & M.O.S..All these achievements are the results of years of dedication and selfdiscipline.

Oren D's sets are composed from different EDM genres such as; Progressive, TechHouse, Techno, House, etc, because his philosophy is quite simple... "whenyou understand the music, and you know how to put it together, it doesn'tmatter what style you play as long as you don't loose your flow & yourcrowd"... Moving souls & rocking dance floors are the truesatisfactions behind Oren D's love for this beautiful art of mixing.

January 2011 is when Oren D will be launching his new Podcast worldwide with ahuge 1 hour guest mix from Daniel Portman and local DJ's Offset. A 3 hourspecial launch that is sure to make some noise!


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