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OPM is a Southern California based band, best known for their debut single "Heaven Is A Halfpipe." Both their debut single and album Menace To Sobriety (a pun on the term "menace to society") were released on Atlantic Records in September 2000. OPM has a distinctive sound, combining hip-hop, rock music, and pop with laid-back reggae.

At the time of Menace To Sobriety's release, the band only consisted of three permanent members: Matthew Meschery aka Shakey Lo the Kreation Kid (vocals, keyboards, programming), John Edney aka johne. Necro (vocals) and Geoff Turney aka Casper (guitar). For the tour, OPM was supported by additional musicians.

After the Menace To Sobriety tour, Matthew chose to quit the band. Until this point, Matthew was a very influential and important member of the band, contributing to all of the album's tracks as a songwriter as well as a singer. To this day, there are no official statements concerning the breakup, and Matthew is not credited in today's biography of the band. Matthew currently works for KQED, a San Francisco based radio station.

Despite the album's success, the band left Atlantic, signing with Suburban Noize Records in 2004, after becoming dissatisfied with Atlantic's procrastination. Band member Johne said, "They'd spent so much to promote the first album, that we thought everything was a go with the second record. But they kept sending us back into the studio…we wrote over 50 songs while waiting for the label to make a move. We finally got to the point where we realized that we needed more attention than they were giving us, so we started working on getting out of our deal."

Their second album, ForThemAsses, was released in June 2004. The album was produced by OPM and Steve Gallagher, who has worked with Sugar Ray and Cypress Hill, and features guest appearances by Yellowman, Eek A Mouse and Johnny Richter from label-mates The Kottonmouth Kings. Their third album is called California Poppy and was released in July 2006.

OPM are currently in the studio working on a new album "Golden State Of Mind". This is due for release in Summer 2008


John E. Necro - Vocals
Geoff Turney aka Casper - Guitars
Jonathan Williams- keyboards
Carlos - Drums
Matt Rowe - Bass
Big B - Vocals

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