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Olga Korol - DJ, producer, co-owner of Body Parts Records and resident in ODY arts collective.

From an early age Olga Korol has had a distinct connection and curiosity with music, in particular with musical patterns and their intricate melodic properties. Growing up in the Ukraine in Odessa her attentions were diverted to a number of musical scenes as varied as grunge and trip hop, which eventually lead to electronic music, where she began to attend local parties and collect vinyls records with this new electronic sound she discovered.

It wouldn't be long before she realized that she really desired to be on the other side of the DJ booth. Her DJ career began in earnest and over the following years she started playing at major venues across Ukraine, establishing her name and her sound of minimal techno. It was not long before the attentions of the now infamous Kazantip Festival found their way to Olga's music and invited her to come play for them on numerous occasions.

A life change came in the form of a relocation to Moscow, which was building an electronic music scene with its own unique Eastern European music culture, in particular the sounds coming from ARMA17. It was here where Olga whilst playing as a DJ, experienced the complete immersion of performing at the next level, playing before a packed house and knowledgable crowd. Each event would become uniquely special and help shape her sounds and ambition to a new height.

During this time Olga decided to step into the studio and collaborate with fellow DJs, D. Korablev and Pan Sancho, where together they soon realized that they needed a system in order to house their new productions and organize events around their own sounds. Through this came the idea to create the Body Parts Record label, focused on releasing vinyl and digital music of their material and as well from friends and new artists both local and international.

With the creation of Body Parts, they now perform together under the ODY Arts moniker. Currently her focus is on her own solo productions, running Body Parts and monthly club project Meduza. As a DJ her music has taken her across the major cities of Russia, Ukraine and over to Spain for an Off Sonar party in Barcelona. As the rest of the world awakens to the new waves coming out of Eastern Europe, you can be assured that Olga Korol is leading up at the front.

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