When rapper REL$ first reached out to producer Infameezy through social media, it was simply about purchasing some beats for a mixtape that REL$ was looking to record. But, the creative chemistry between the pair became undeniable. Infameezy saw the bigger picture and formed a partnership with the now 18 year-old rapper. They go by the name of OHNO. The result was the digital release of their debut EP, titled The Burgundy, an edgy and street-wise collection of songs as depicted through the eyes of REL$. OHNO would soon follow that up with the fall 2014 mixtape, cleverly-titled Chips & Hennessy, featuring their first official single, titled, “Trynna Eat.” Chips & Hennessy being released through the Builders Music Group production company.

OHNO earned its initial buzz with such unapologetic themes and song titles as “F*ck You,” which has logged nearly a quarter of a million You Tube views, and with other Burgundy tracks: “Back Again,” “Beepers/Do It,” and “Roll Up.”

Things may appear to be moving fast for OHNO, but the road hasn’t been so easy. REL$ (formally known as Relevant) in particular has had it really hard. He is of Mexican heritage and was born in Anaheim, California. REL$ is the third of five kids raised by a single mom, and raised by the streets of Los Angeles. “We had it really rough,” REL$ recalls. “We moved around a lot—staying between family and friends, and even sleeping in cars. When my Mom was deported, it got even harder. All of us kids were under 18, and living on our own. Eventually my aunt took us in, but I didn’t want to follow her rules. I was all about doing my music. So I moved in with friends, and took control of my life. I pursued my dreams to write and perform music.”

Producer Infameezy was influenced by hip-hop trailblazers like the Alchemist and J. Dilla. He hails from Kitchener, Ontario CA, and was also raised in L.A. Since his teen years, he’s possessed a deep affection for music production. “I got my first computer when I was 12, and remember downloading music illegally,” Infameezy laughs. “I came across a software called [FL studio – Fruity Loops], and became fascinated with it. I got hooked. I got better; and from there, there was no looking back.”

How the guys came up with the name OHNO continues to be a topic of discussion among fans. “We weren’t sure what the reaction would be when our music transitioned from a Underground hip-hop sound to a more Mainstream hip-hop sound,” says REL$ (who’s been inspired by the likes of GangStarr, J Cole and Drake). “Would our fans accept it, or would they say, ‘Oh, No?’ Fortunately for us, the reaction to our music has been great.”

There are a lot of rappers in the scene today, but OHNO has an actual long-term plan. In addition to releasing their music, they are currently designing and producing a clothing line called Raskals. OHNO has been taking their show on the road—appearing at a number of prominent venues around Southern California, such as the Fox Theater in Pomona, The Observatory in Orange County, and The Yost Theater in Santa Ana [check out their Cypher Effect video performance on You Tube].

The growing response to their music is due to the authenticity of REL$ unique lyrical delivery and Infameezy’s distinct sound and production. It’s poetic, realistic, and honest; all while being entertaining. “REL$ is not about just rapping over beats. REL$ is a product of the streets,” says Infameezy. “He talks about really what he’s going through, and what many of his peers have gone through, and how he hungers for a better life. REL$ is living the struggle of poverty. He’s putting out there in your face with no apologies.”


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