NVM has emerged as one of the most determined talents in the international house music scene.

Moving to the United States in 1995, the Russia native discovered a passion for electronic music at an early age. In 2000, as a sopnmore in college, he launched a local Syracuse radio show as a DJ of WJPZ's "Dance Factory". NVM's unique blend reached thousands of listeners throughout central New York, propelling the show to a number one rating. In 2005, NVM hit New York City's nightlife scene workign his way through Manhattan's nightclubs and parties.

Today NVM has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the industry working a wide range of high profile and underground shows including F*ck Me I'm Famous with David Guetta and Electric Beach at Santos Party House. At his residencies at Provocateur, Marquee and Finale, NVM has become a fixture in the New York nightlife scene. Throughout the years NVM has djed alongside a wide range of producers such as Deadmau5, Avicii, Seth Troxler and Swedish House Mafia. Recently, NVM has established a Presence abraod preforming in Paris, Montpellier, Bucharest and Porto Alegre, Brazil.


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