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Fri Sep 30 · 1 pm
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Sat Oct 1 · 1 pm
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Notixx is the collaborative musical conscience of two young Western New Yorkers. Ryan Sinatra and Zack Fowler began as "Notixx & Doodle" during their early emergence into the electronic music world. It wasn't until after their first hosted event in Jamestown New York that they decide to join together under the name "Notixx".

They now work together in the studio to crank out tunes that keep you dancing and BASS SMASHERS that only leave you wanting more. Their fluid transitions and masterful live effects create unique live electronic shows that always impress, perplex and capture the audience. They have built up local and international notoriety, collaborating with multiple talented electronic artists, as well as performing live to electronic music fans, Notixx is becoming more and more recognized each day as a prominent force in todays bass culture.

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