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Let’s state the facts….it’s blatantly obvious that there was more than one NOAH that could gather flocks of followers, that would be captivated by where he has lead them…only this “NOA” is not part of an ARK, he is part of a movement….of music that is…Let me formally introduce NOA…..born a Libra, there is NOTHING indecisive about him….or the route in which he’s taken that led to where his two feet lay grounded, musically today. Whether in a good or bad place emotionally, this allows his technique to emulate a lasting result.

Noa admits that he feels his tracks are a piece of him, that represent younger days, and such special times. Noa was taught how to spin by a mobile DJ, when in turn this would lead Noa to go from Rave DJ-ing to artist, all which came naturally. Some of Noa’s biggest influences are names such as DJ’s Gonzo, Micro, X-Dream and Tommy Tunes and has collaborated with C.A.A.S. Noa’s first single, “Organic”, is out now on He is currently working with Adaken Scoffs, Aldo Ron Sanchez and Chris Asta on a few projects.

With experience under his belt, and being inspired by even the slightest everyday noises that we so often take for granted such as city noises, computer glitches, and nature itself. If you want to hear a style that is original, than you have “flocked” to the right place to hear it. NOA started out playing house parties and raves.

(NOA) “I’ve played at “PURE” in Miami, “Club Bliss” St. Marteen, “Pacha” NY, Cleavlendar” Miami, “Providence” NYC, “Deko” NJ, “Taste” NJ, “Global Gathering” Miami, “Portuguese Festival,” NJ. When I played “PURE” in Miami, I was spinning and noticed a group of people leaving the main room and heading for the exit.They stopped and listened to my enitre set. After I got off stage I asked them why they stayed? Their reply was “we heard you spinning and could not leave, track after track we had to hear what was coming next.”

(NOA.) Another memorable moment recollected by NOA,”A rave in P.A., I was scheduled to play early and did, but was asked to play again later that night from 2-3am. The amazing part of the story is when I played my late set, DJ Venom was playing in the main room. He was the headliner that night, but I took 200 people from where he was spinning and kept them in the room where i had been playing”. Noa has proven that if it is the passion of the music that you seek, then you shall be lead by his sound~In a time where music has changed but talent remains the same while constantly evolving to greater levels……Noa will be remembered because he is NOA who makes music, and doesn’t even have to use the term “DJ”….. ~Tina M.Schiro~

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