Nighty Max


NIGHTY MAX (Joan Sala) Dj and producer settled in Barcelona. At his early age of 21, he already counts with an interesting emerging career in the national and international scene. He started out as a Dj in different clubs such as Discotheque (BCN) and ON (Vilafranca), and is now has his residency at Becool (BCN), Taboo (MAD), Pacmad (GIR) and Frigo (Toulousse). At the moment he is member of the group YALL, with whom he performs regularly, organizing parties all around Spain (and soon also on an international level). All this activity is alternated with is career as a producer. In a parallel way, and as a more personal and introspective work, is the “instrumental” part of the group Chinese Christmas Cards. All of this leads to a solid and assorted lifework in the electronic music, which is accompanied by and impeccable “Know How” and an exquisite taste.


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