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Electronic, Latin

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Fri Jun 10 · 4 pm
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Channeling ancient folk traditions with a modern-day awareness, DJ-producer Nicola Cruz’s latest video for the song “Obsidiana,” directed by Camilo Coba Riofrío, interconnects Hindustani-influenced sounds with stirring electronic flourishes fit for the dancefloor. The song appears in his wind-laden sophomore studio album Siku, released in January via ZZK Records. The 31-year-old producer crafted his his sophomore outing in transit, roving from places like Japan to Portugal to take in folkloric music customs across the globe — meanwhile staying in tune with the divine cosmology of his own forebears in the Andes.

“I feel an essence that ties all of us together,” he tells Rolling Stone over the phone while at home in Ecuador. “It’s really beautiful to find that around the world and connect ancient cables, like when this was all a big continent.”

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